I just went through the internet switchover between our two main providers, again.  For a few years I was a Charter Communications customer.  Their service was reasonably reliable and faster than I needed.  I switched though because of the usual rate hikes after you are a customer.  My introductory cost was $29 a month, then I had a year or two at $39 a month.  Recently they wanted to bump me to $59 a month.  Since their competition with the slower but more reliable service was offering $22 a month I did the intelligent thing and jumped ship.Thing is I would have stayed with Charter for $39 a month.

Charter is already mailing reduced "introductory" rates to me as always and I suspect they will have a $29 a month plan a year or two from now when I run up my AT&T term.

Back in the day I figured Charter knew what they were doing.  After their bankruptcy/bailout/welfare I no longer am sure they know anything besides how to milk our tax dollars and collect sales commissions.

In just my case figure $39 x 12 = $469.  That is what Charter would have collected from me this year.

Best case scenario for Charter, next year when I sign back up Charter will collect $29 x 12  = $348 from me not the $469 if they just left well enough alone.

So, Charter will lose $469 from this year and $469 - $348 = $121 the year after that a $590 loss BEST CASE.  This doesn't take into account the letter a week I get from them offering me some silly introductory rate or bundle.  Not to mention any possible commission they may have to pay out and their hour on the phone dealing with me.

Maybe they have an explanation.  I have asked them.

 Oh well.  Long as my tax dollars do not have to go towards erasing their debt through bankruptcy again it is ok.


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